About Us

Wiggle Fabric was founded by Jeremy & Gloria Cascio in 2014 when our love for fabric turned into a passion (more like obsession). We reside in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina along with our three wiggly little ones. We originally set out in 2012 to focus on our Wiggle Baby line of clothing and accessories but soon found ourselves with more fabric than we knew what to do with. Starting out the way we did, with Wiggle Baby, gave us the time to not only learn about the different types of fabric but also locate the better quality fabrics. We don’t sell anything that we don’t use ourselves.

We strive to provide our online shoppers with great quality products and a personal touch of customer service. We love the feeling of shopping at our local fabric store and wanted to recreate that in an online environment for those who prefer the convenience of shopping online.

We love to hear from all who enjoy fabric so please send us your compliments, suggestions, and great stories to sewing@wigglefabric.com.